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Sonne & Holly Talk The Psychological Effects Of Exercise 👊🏽 🧠

Sonne From “Hero Coaching” & Holly Smith PT “Biz FITT” Talk how you can understand your body type & what you NEED to implement into your day to day life to start seeing results in your health & fitness.

Sonne goes deeper into personality types, what exercises you should be doing & what food you value be eating according to your BODY/ PERSONALITY TYPE.

The Five Neurotypes

TYPE 1A (Dopamine dominant)

- Extroverted, confident and very competitive

- Needs to train HEAVY

- Nutrition - high protein, moderate fat and carbs

TYPE 1B (dopamine and acetylcholine dominant)

- Extroverted, confident and competitive, and very skilled

- Needs to train EXPLOSIVELY

- Nutrition - high protein, mod-high fat, low-mod carbs (they tolerate low carbs very well)

TYPE 2A (adrenaline dominant)

- Introvert at rest, extrovert when adrenaline is increased

- Training needs VARIETY

- Nutrition also needs VARIETY, and important to avoid over producing adrenaline - keeping carbs around the workout and in the evening is important

TYPE 2B (adrenaline and glutamate dominant)

- Introverted, very empathetic, sensitive and caring

- Needs to train the FEEL the muscle - think bodybuilding type work

- Nutrition - needs to be “balanced” mod protein, carbs and fat

TYPE 3 (serotonin dominant)

- Introverted, very structured and routine people.

- they overproduce adrenaline and dopamine, and thus cortisol

- Needs to train for STRUCTURE - things cannot change, they thrive off routine

- Nutrition - low protein, high carbs, low fat, small frequent meals a day.

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Talk Soon

Holly Smith PT

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