How To Fast - Answering All Your Questions On Fasting With Scott & Holly...

Fasting has been around for year and everyone has their own interpretation on it. In this video, Scott Witte & Holly Smith help answer common questions around fasting, such as: -How long should you fast for? -What are the common benefits from fasting? -What should you eat to break your fast? -Why should you fast? And so many more! Connect & follow Scott Witte Here: Connect & Follow Holly Smith PT Here:

Holly Smith PT Interviews "Peter Spida Everitt" Ex Pro Australian AFL Player

Holly Smith PT Interviews Ex Pro Australian AFL Player "Peter Spida Everitt" & Now Host On Triple M Radio Gold Coast. Peter Talks about how he puts his health first and the action steps you need to take as a busy individual to be successful in health, fitness & business! Peter also talks about how he puts his health first as a busy individual & how the discipline from his pro days has shaped his habits today👊🏽 #fitness #AFL #football #mindset #proathlete #health #coach

A Successful Day In The Life Titia Niehorster ~ Busy Business Women & Mother to 6 Children!

Having a successful day can be different for everyone, just like the definition of success is different for everyone. Titia honestly tell us ho she puts her health first as an busy buisness women and mother of 6 children! One thing that helps up both to perform at our best as busy individuals is the Amazing Zinzino Oil which we talk about in the video. Connect with Titia Niehorster & feel free to send me an email on if you're interested in the Amazing Z

Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Exercise!

It is extremely important to keep active on a daily basis for your physically health, but I believe it is even more important for your mental health! Below are the Benefits exercise can have on your physical and mental health... A healthier state of mind A number of studies have found that exercise helps depression. There are many views as to how exercise helps people with depression: · Exercise may block negative thoughts or distract you from daily worries. · Exercising with