Meet Holly Smith
The Owner Of BIZ FIT

Hi, I'm Holly Smith! Owner Of The Busy Individuals Program BIZ FIT.

As being a busy individual myself, I know how important it is to prioritise your physical, mental & emotional health throughout your busy schedule. 

Whether you are currently working long hours, sitting down all day, having no time to eat breakfast, make dinner or spend time with the family, it is a MUST that you are looking after yourself and your health!

Without your health, you have nothing.

When you start neglecting your health, bad habits start to form. 

You become low on energy which causes you to thrive off caffeine most days. 

You may get off the laptop at 10pm and struggle to sleep which causes lack of focus at work the next day.

Maybe you sit down all day at work and have a constant ache in your lower back.

Struggling to stay on top of things at work and at home because you don’t schedule your days accordingly which produces Stress.

Maybe you eat out all the time, skip breakfast which has now become a habit.

With bad habits, there are consiquences. 

These bad habits may lead to weight gain, low confidence, slow metabolisms, injuries, weight loss, weak bones and muscle, low fitness levels, heart disease, low energy levels, lack of sleep, anxiety and other aches and pains. 

The list could go on. It is SO important that you are putting your health first whilst being busy. 

I know what you’re thinking….”I don’t have Time”.

Please tell me this when you are bed ridden, can’t work or something happens because you didn’t look after your health.

I help Busy Individuals prioritise their health whilst being busy. I give them the strategies needed to make a change even if they don’t believe they have the time.

You need motivation and accountability, fast and simple workouts because I know you don’t have time to spend hours in the gym. Easy to follow meal plans thats are delicious and won’t leave you spending hours in the kitchen. Personal scheduling so you know what you need to do every, single, day.

Make your life easier and wake up tomorrow knowing you can show up the healthiest and happest version of yourself in 2021 for your children, for your friends and family, for your employees and for yourself!

If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Contact the team at BIZ FIT and see if we can help you start put your health first today!


"By creating healthy habits now, it can be much easier to turn them into a lifestyle choice later."

Holly Smith


Here Are 4 Ways I Can Help You Win Big With Your Health & Fitness…

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best


FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Program

A free guide with workouts, nutrition plans and advice to kick start your health



Trialed and tested by over 100 "Busy Individuals". Learn to put your health first, create better habits, routine and get the body you deserve whilst being SUPER Busy!


FREE Goal Setting Session
(Free Advice)

Your Busy, I get It. Let me give you some FREE advice on how you can start putting your health first through your busy schedule!

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Business & Corporate Fitness Coaching

Get the whole team involved! Make sure your employees and colleagues are on top of their game for work. Improve focus, energy, productivity, health and general wellbeing within a working environment.


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